Get Alewife TMA Rewards: A $50 Incentive Program

It pays to commute green with the Alewife TMA! 

If you currently drive alone, the Alewife TMA will pay you $50 to leave your car at home and try a more sustainable commute mode. Record your carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, and/or public transit trips online at Redeem your reward when you commute green at least two days per-week for eight consecutive weeks and email us your completion form. 

  • Who Can Participate?
  • Download the Completion Form
  • Program Resources

  • Open to all employees and residents of Alewife TMA members.
  • Must currently commute to work by driving alone (but looking to give green commuting a try!)

Program begins October 1, 2018. Forms will be available for download after the first eight weeks. For inquires and feedback, please email  

How It Works

  1. Carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, and/or take public transit at least two days per-week for eight consecutive weeks.

  2. Record your green trips online at

  3. Email your completion form to