The Alewife TMA is a public/private partnership focused on reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in the Alewife area. The Alewife TMA offers transportation programs that improve mobility in the region by promoting options that reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles. The group also works to give members a voice on transportation policies, legislation, and projects that affect them. The organization has the following goals:
  • Emergency Ride Home Program. Often referred to as the "ridesharer's insurance policy." This program ensures that no one who uses an alternative to driving alone to work will be left stranded in the event that they have an emergency during the day. These rides are provided by taxi or rental car and at absolutely no cost to the employee.
  • Ridematching to form carpools and vanpools. The sophisticated GIS-based database available to members ensures that participants can find the most logical matches to share the ride to work using a variety of criteria. The regional database increases the possibility of finding highly qualified matches to form carpools and vanpools.
  • Promoting active commuting options, such as biking and walking.
  • Marketing programs to participants that promote alternatives to driving alone
  • Assisting interested employers in implementing pre-tax transit benefits for their employees
  • Advocating for improved transportation services in the region
  • Providing information updates on construction projects and updates on regional transportation initiatives
  • Providing shuttle Services
  • Offering an Emergency Ride Home Program